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Armenian Association of Aikido  

Beniamin Vardanyan the president of Armenian Association of Aikido starts to train Aikido Martial Art since 1989 in Moscow, then establish the development of Aikido in Armenia since 1997.



Through Aikido creation of healthy and peaceful society.


To assist in creation of healthy society in Armenia.

Goal: To develop aikido trainings and technical skills.


Development of aikido training methods,

Increase training and technical skills of trainees,

Create international connections,

Organization of aikido seminars and demonstrations to develop aikido in the region.



Beniamin Vardanayn
  Vice President for the organizational development 
Artiom Gevorgyan
Vice President for the international relations
Artur Gevorgyan 


Technical Committee


Chief Instructor


Beniamin Vardanyan
(5 Dan, AIKIKAI)



Levon Papazyan
(4 Dan, AIKIKAI)



Black Belts 

  1. Beniamin Vardanyan (5 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  2. Levon Papazyan (4 Dan, AIKIKAI) 

  3. Arman Mazmanyan (3 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  4. Armen Mikaelyan (2 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  5. Nur Bakbergenov (2 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  6. Karen Gasparyan (2 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  7. Lianna Sahakyan (2 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  8. Armenak Kazaryan (2 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  9. Arman Hakobjanyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  10. Ovaness Nazaryan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  11. Vahag Tsatinyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  12. Naira Papoyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  13. Arman Tsaturyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  14. Ara Martirоsyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  15. Tigran Kirakosyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  16. Karen Hovhanisyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  17. Narek Agadjanyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  18. Aram Tonoyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  19. Karen Barsegyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)

  20. Samvel Haroutuinyan (1 Dan, AIKIKAI)




Honorary Members of Armenian Association of Aikido

Doct. Antonio Montalto
Honorary Consul of Italy in
Nur Bakbergenov
President of BTA Bank Armenian 
Vahan Tadevosyan




Technical committee

Honorary members