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Aikido AIKIKAI Regional Center


Armenia Regional Aikido Center provides aikido training in the following regions of Armenia: Yerevan, Gyumri (Northern Branch).

The main goal of "AIKIDO CENTER" is to foster Aikido Martial Art development in Rebuplic of Armenia.

It aims at achieving this goal by mean of:  Conducting trainings on daily basis to bring its’ trainees to higher aikido master levels, to deepen their knowledge of Japanese culture; through Aikido Martial Arts studies, Organizing Japanese language trainings for aikido trainees,  Organizing international aikido training seminars, and  Establishing ties with international organizations to lead altogether to the  achievement of our goals.

Nowadays, "AIKIDO CENTER" is looking for interested partners and organizations for development of joint projects that can be implemented both on local (in Armenia) and international levels.


Supreme Council of "OOSHINKAN"- AIKIKAI

Ueshiba Moriteru (Doshu) Honorary President
Ono Hiroshi (6 Dan) Honorary Chairman
Kuribayashi Takanori (7 Dan, Shihan ) Chief Technical Adviser
Kachan Alexander (6 Dan, Shidoin) Head

Head Office:
Russia, Moscow, 117234, Leninskie Gori, Culture Building MSU 333, tel: (095) 939-4476,
fax: (095) 939-4758,,

Armenia Regional Aikido Center  "OOSHINKAN"- AIKIKAI

Vardanyan Beniamin (5 Dan, Shidoin)  Regional Director


Armenia Regional Aikido Center: Armenia, Yerevan, Aghatangexos 7, Wrestling School of Olympic Reserves,
Contact persons Levon Papazyan Phone: