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Dear colleagues and students

Congratulations for the beggining of new training year. We are ready to work hard and have more achievments. Hope that the new year will be very interesting. I wish all the best and hope to get more opportuinities for the trainings.

You are welcome to Aikido martial training under the guidance of the best trainers in Armenia.

Trainings 2017-2018 

Trainings will be conducted by
L.Papazyan 3 Dan 

For more details contact

Instructor L.Papazyan (3 Dan)

Phone +37498129899

  International Aikido Seminar
Yerevan 2017
May 26-28

International Aikido Seminar was organized in Yerevan on May 26-28, 2017 under the guidance of the head of Interregional Aikido Club OOSHINKAN A.Kachan (6 Dan, Aikikai).